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If you, or a family member / friend has been arrested, the first thought is to post bail and get them out of jail as quickly as possible. However, if you discover that a PC 1275 Hold has been put in place, posting bail can be next to impossible without some help. That’s when you’ll want to call the bail professionals like Steve Muehler. Steve Muehler can help you navigate the PC 1275 process and get you, or your family member / friend out of jail and back home where you all belong.


What Is A PC 1275 Hold?

PC 1275 refers to Penal Code 1275.1 which states that if there is a reason to suspect that the money being used for bail might have come from illegal activity, then the bail cannot be accepted. This is called a 1275 Hold.

Anyone involved in the arrest or prosecution process can place the PC 1275 hold on bail. PC 1275 Holds are most often invoked in cases that involve gang activity, charges of drug dealing, theft including embezzlement, or charges of extortion. Charges such as these may indicate a higher probability that the money available to the defendant came from illegal activities and is, therefore, ineligible for acceptance as bail.

How To Fight A PC 1275 Hold on Bail

If you’ve had a 1275 Hold placed on your ability to post bail for yourself or someone else, you’ll have to attend a PC 1275 Hearing on the matter. The 1275 Hearing will determine whether or not the money that would be used for bail did, in fact, come from criminal activity and whether it is acceptable as bail money.

The court will need to determine that the money being used for bail is “clean.” In other words, was the money gotten from any sort of illegal activity, or is it “clean?” To prove that the money was legally obtained, the defendant will need to gather paperwork that clearly shows their financial situation and bring that paperwork with them to the PC 1275 Hearing. This paperwork includes:

  • Bank Statements

  • Credit Card Statements

  • Car Payment Information

  • Tax Returns

  • Proof of Income (W2, Pay Stub, etc.)


You may also bring anyone with you who can testify as to the source of your income or help clarify your financial situation. You will also want to bring an attorney or bail bondsman with you to the hearing to help you navigate the Hold process.

Removal of a 1275 Hold on Bail

To have a 1275 Hold on Bail removed, you will have to convince a judge that the money being used to pay for bail was not illegally obtained. To do this, you’ll need the help of an attorney or an experienced bail bondsman who can help explain the source of the money being used for bail.

Bail is a system of cash payments, held by the court, to ensure that the defendant will appear for court hearings and proceedings. The court will not allow bail to be paid if they believe that the money being used was not gotten legally or if they believe that the defendant will fail to appear after bail has been paid.

An experienced bail bondsman, like Steve Muehler, can help you clarify your financial situation and offer assurances to the judge about your commitment to the legal process. Once the judge has removed the 1275 Hold on Bail, bail can be paid, and life can go on.

Why Use a Bail Bondsman to Remove A PC 1275 Hold?

PC 1275 hearings can be complicated. The process of proving that the money being used for bail didn’t come from any illegal activity can require a professional presentation. Steve Muehler is familiar with courtroom procedures and understand the process required to assure the judge that the bail process will be successful for a particular defendant. Steve Muehler can help you gather the documents you’ll need to present your financial situation clearly to the court and help you present it in a way that will reassure the judge that you’re using “clean” funds and will use the opportunity provided by bail to further the good things in your life and still appear for all of the hearings and proceedings related to the legal case against you.

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